No, I didn’t have a heart transplant

Hi! Welcome to With A Borrowed Heart! I’m so glad you clicked around and ended up here. I’m Ruth, the person behind the screen. Besides a daughter of The King (hashtag princess), I am wife to my super awesome and adorable and manly husband, Chris, and Momma to four of the coolest girls around – Brenna (7), Lucia (5), Monica (3), and Emilia (2).

I’m a wannabe scholar but totally not smart enough to be one. By that I mean, I try to read smart books or take classes and think I’ve figured some things out, but then someone else speaks and I realize I know basically nothing. I’m a former college distance runner turned miserably-out-of-shape-mom turned slightly-less-out-of-shape-mom. Jesus speaks to me through running analogies. It’s my love language. Also, quality time.

So, what’s up with this title? Did I have a heart transplant or something? No. I don’t have a pig heart or any other physical heart besides the one I was born with…but in a spiritual sense, I’m a walking, talking, transplant patient. I’ll explain.

A while ago, I completed the 33 Days to Morning Glory Marian Consecration by Fr. Michael Gaitley, while coincidentally (or by divine providence?) reading another book about Mother Teresa, who is a main focus in the Gaitley book. Learning about her life and faith and suffering – it spoke straight to my heart. A particular passage talking about Mother Teresa’s devotion to Our Lady, in 33 Days, really struck me. It said that she didn’t simply ask Mary to help her love more purely, but she would actually pray/request “Mary, lend me your heart.” In other words, “lend me your Immaculate Heart so that I can love perfectly like you.” This short little prayer, “lend me your heart”, quickly became almost a mantra for my days at home with the girls. When I was running short on patience, “lend me your heart.” When I reeeaallly didn’t want to get up from my spot in the sun with a book to get the littlest up from her nap, “lend me your heart.” When someone woke up at night needing Lord knows what, and it wasn’t technically my night to get up but clearly hubby was still asleep, “lend me your heart.” When I kept coming back to a cold cup of coffee after endless requests, “lend me your heart.” When my husband walked in the door from a long day at work (while I was in the middle of dinner prep) wanting a moment and some love from his wife but I was totally empty from giving all day long, “lend me your heart.” Out at a moms’ night out, wanting to share something important, but not being able to get a word in because my friends were having a hard day and needed someone to listen, “lend me your heart.” During the seemingly endless ear infections and fevers and throw up, “lend me your heart.”

And do you know what? It worked! It actually worked. That short, four word prayer transformed my days and helped me to find so much more joy in the daily grind. I even wear a leather bracelet stamped with those words as a reminder that I can’t do any of this alone, but all I have to do is ask to borrow my Momma Mary’s heart and she’s got it covered. And boy is it a load off! Sometimes I feel like a little bit of a fraud because none of the good stuff comes from me. The inspired parenting moments or the patient listening ear or the good advice or the energy to serve my community. It’s all grace. But then I think, hey, anyone else can ask for this, too! So, give it a try! Four words, prayed with sincerity, to help us love each other and (more importantly) Jesus with the pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary.